Weight Management

Normalization of weight – weight loss and body cleansing products, sports nutrition.

Control of weight and nutrition – medicines that help you cope with the extra weight and find a beautiful and slim body. Help normalize metabolism through proper and balanced diet.

Human health depends on the full and proper nutrition.
Healthy food that uses a person to be balanced in content of fiber, fats, carbohydrates, amino acids, trace elements, enzymes and calories. Get the whole set of macro-and micronutrients is not possible through diet, for several reasons:

1. The uneven geographic distribution of the individual units, particularly micronutrients.
2. Mineral depletion of land (mostly fertilized, three or four elements – phosphorus, potassium, sodium and nitrogen).
3. The current state of the biosphere and conditions of worsening environmental conditions.
4. A limited consumption of natural raw products and the transition to the refined, devoid of minerals, vitamins and fiber.

We offer you the correct weight using drugs and weight-balancing applications, as well as its stabilization. When choosing products for adjustment weight from a wide range of biologically active food supplements designed to: replenish nutrient deficiency (nutraceuticals from natural origin), vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids, normalize the physiological functions of various organs and body systems, correction of structural changes in the cells and organs in various pathological conditions using natural parapharmaceutics in the form of standardized extracts and probiotics.

But the most important effect – it is the normalization of metabolic processes, which not only will allow to achieve fast weight loss, but also will allow a long time to maintain the desired weight without changing diet, it is not necessary to follow a diet.

To reduce weight, normalize metabolism, long stay slim, reduce biological age and to raise the level of health will help the selection of a balanced diet.