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Questions about business building
When building a MLM business with Forever Living Products, as in any other network company, for beginners very often have a variety of questions. On this page we collected the ones that we are asked most often. Learn, apply and be successful!

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Question: how to understand correctly the following points Homework: proud, that you networker … How does it perform in practice? And again, as we attend all the activities that take place in the company? We do not all have access.


MLM business on the Internet is proud that you are networker – is first of all, to answer yourself honestly to the question why I do it, and that it gives to others. When a person is imbued with this, he begins to understand the significance of what has been said and used it with her head held high.

Participate in all the activities necessary to the extent possible, we are all people with my life. Your event – a participation in schools and webinars. These questions we will raise our webinars on branches, for which we are preparing intensively. Also, for our partners, the structure on the blog is a section EDUCATION, which houses a lot of video on how to build an MLM business online and off-line.

Question: Do I need to make monthly purchases?


Monthly compulsory purchases in the company Forever Living Products are not provided. But if you want to have the information support of the company in the form of an illustrated monthly magazine which contains articles about the products and their applications, including authorship of doctors, business and achievements of distributors, we recommend that you make your monthly minimum purchase for an amount equivalent to Distributors $ 50, and for the Assistants Supervisor and above – $ 40.

large touch forever questions: What is the benefit of buying a large stitch?


The benefits in purchasing large stitch (2 Credit Boxes) primarily in saving your money. On the purchase of said stitch you save 750 USD on average.

Since the registration of a large stitch (2 CC) you automatically move to the next position in the Marketing Plan of Forever Living Products – the position of Assistant Supervisor. And following your purchase will be issued at a wholesale price and depending on the volume of purchases of the company will charge you a 5% bonus on the retail price. The minimum order for you now would be limited to the amount of $ 40.

By purchasing a large touch (2 CC) you become the owner of a mini – shop and get the opportunity to meet a large number of production companies, to evaluate it and share your results with your friends and acquaintances.




90 days – a period when most people can focus on their goals and building a network business.

During this period, many companies leave the network and do not understand the essence of network marketing. The main reason: I do not pass the tests to which they are subjected during this period, due to lack of sufficient motivation, desire to learn and respond to objections and rejections. Therefore, in this period, you need to be close to the maximum with the sponsor that will help you make the first productive steps.

During this period, you should:

1) identify and answer to yourself why you are building a network of business, it can bring you personally, your family and others;
2) Write on paper targets that bring you closer to your dream;
3) Make a list of friends;
4) Attend all educational and motivational activities of the company and sponsorship line;
5) Keep contact and interact with your direct sponsor;
6) to take effect.
The first 90 days you need to focus as much as possible and together with his sponsor to run your business network. By signing the new Distributor to build his first line and close the first qualification as a bid to build a serious business networking. Such a position in the company Forever Living Products is a Supervisor position. This position gives you the right to receive 8% bonus on your personal credit volumes of boxes and sponsored Distributors you have not reached the level for various reasons, Assistant Supervisor and a 3% bonus on the volume Team Assistants Supervisor.

If you close the Supervisor position in the period of four calendar months from the date of signing, you will enjoy free on-site training “Supervisor +”, which will hold for you the best distributors of the company.

It is in order to make life easier for our partners to beginners, we with my wife and have created their own training program, which will be a great help in these first 90 days.